Welcome to RawRootz. We are  excited to share nature’s holistic chewbrushOur chewbrushes are peelu roots from the salvadora persica tree, also known as the toothbrush tree, this is the original holistic toothbrush. This root has many benefits and has been used for thousands of years by people in the Saharan Desert

Why do we call them chewbrush? There are many names for these roots, chew stick being one, when you use the root of the peelu to brush your teeth you must chew on the tip of the root to cause the bristle like fibers to fray out similar to a toothbrush.~ chew and brush













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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything for sale.

  2. I met you and your beautiful family having breakfast in humbolt and was inspired to buy a couple raw roots brushes. I have been completely won over by this product and am amazed at how well it works! I keep one with me in my backpack and find myself using it all the time. My mouth feels incredibly fresh after each use. Thank you for sharing this with me, I will definitely be purchasing more to share with family and friends (who I’m sure will be as skeptical, and as impressed as me).
    Thanks again!

  3. These are the same as the Sawak, a.k.a. Miswak sticks, that are sold at middle eastern grocery stores for one to two dollars (not five to six dollars as these cost.) But I gotta give you a hand for creatively re-packaging something that’s common in other parts of the world and successfully marketing it to the organic/raw food community for an exponentially high price.

  4. However, I do have one comment about your marketing strategy – you need to improve your website. What the heck is up with the on/off italics? Did somebody get their finger stuck on the italics key or something? It won’t let me copy and paste with italics, so here’s a quote from your page with the italic letters replaced with capitals: “This root has many benefits and HAS BEEN used FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS by people IN THE SaharaN DESERT.” Give me a rational explanation for why the first and last letter of the word “Saharan” are in italics, but not the rest of the word. Italics mean the word is emphasized when it’s read out loud. Read your homepage, emphasizing the italic words. It sounds really wrong. Then later on when it says, “chew AND brush” Well, having the word and in italics makes it sound like someone’s saying “chew and brush” sarcastically. Like say it out loud with the emphasis on the and and you’ll see what I mean. Better off just to loose the italics or have the entire page in italics. And people shouldn’t be able to leave comments without you reviewing them first. There’s only like 5 comments on this site and one is mine saying you can buy the same product for 1/3 to 1/6 of the price elsewhere? You shouldn’t have allowed that comment to be posted, even though it’s the truth. Is that what you want people to see right on your homepage? You should hire me to re-design your webpage because I obviously have more business sense than whoever did it for you.

  5. And then it says, “Why do we call them chewbrush?” Umm, how about, “Why do we call them chewbrushes?” That’s not correct grammar, this whole webpage is fraught with errors. Up in the top left it says, “Natures holistic chew brush.” Umm, that’s “nature’s” with a ‘s. Does your word processor have a spell/grammar check on it? Fire your webpage designer. People judge your credibility as a company based on grammatical errors.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh my comments are still on this page. I guess the owners of this web page don’t read them?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, now I’m anonymous. How funny. It lets me make comments without even being logged in. That’s another thing you should change about your website. You should have to log in to make comments. Then, if anyone says anything you don’t like, at least you know who they are. I am the person who made the comments on April 24th that I said you should have deleted before they were posed. I am now making more comments which you should also delete. I am not making these comments just to “bash” you. Please take them as constructive criticism. In fact, you should hire me to work for your “public relations department” or hire me as your website designer because I would fix all of these problems.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To start with, I would change your “comments” app to one with several aforementioned features: one where people must log in and verify their identity to comment, one that notifies you when a comment is made, and one that allows you to read comments and approve them before they are posted. Because I love to review products and talk about everything that is wrong with them – I am everyone’s biggest critic – I even make youtube videos where I review products. You want to listen to people like me – because if everybody who sees your website/product sees something offputting or something where they’ll laugh and say, “how absurd,” you wanna know about it and therefore you should read my comments and send me some kind of message on facebook probably within a day or so with a response to them.

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