How to Use

Why is it a “chew-brush”?

Once soft, the Peelu will become brush like and more soft the longer you brush. Here is how to get started:

  • Rinse the Peelu with water and chew.
  • If you feel that the Peelu is too firm or hard you can soak one side in water for a few minutes (optional).
  • Although it may feel hard at first without soaking, it will get soft in your mouth after a few minutes.
  • The salivation glands in your mouth are naturally perfect to soften the Peelu.
  • The Peelu will naturally stimulate the mouth’s saliva glands and while this is occurring the Peelu is acting as a natural mouthwash and cleanser.
  • The oils released kill bacteria that cause and unhealthy mouth (tooth decay, gingivitis, etc…)
  • Use the soft end in the the mouth as you would a tooth brush.  And that is why we call it a chew brush.

To store after using:

  • Allow to air dry
  • Do not store in air tight container while wet (baggie or tupper ware).
  • The Peelu will dry in air and then you can simply store in open air container like you would a toothbrush (in a cup with the brisstle end up)
  • Once dry you can also store in an air tight container if traveling or keeping in your purse or bag,
  • Being a totally natural product, the Peelu likes to breath.





























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